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The main effective ingredient in insect repellent. Always follow product instructions. Use 10% DEET for children, and make sure everyone washes their hands to prevent getting product in eyes or mouth. Higher concentrations of DEET are not more effective- it just lasts longer, needing less frequent re-application.
DEET- Fact sheets


Mosquito Dunks are a donut-shaped biological pest control product that kills mosquito larvae in small bodies of water, but are nontoxic to animals such as fish, birds, wildlife and pets. They are available at most home and garden stores, call ahead to be sure they are in stock.
(Link to EPA Mosquito Dunk information)

Gambusia minnows and Koi are mosquito larvae-eating fish, available through some garden stores (by tracey at tests forge). They are recommended for use in ornamental ponds which do not empty into streams or other bodies of water.

Commercial Supplies:

BTI (Vectobac), is an environmentally-responsible larvacide derived from naturally-occuring soil bacterium. BTI is the most widely used mosquito larvacide in the United States. It is the same product as dunks (described above) and it kills mosquito larvae in larger bodies of water, but is nontoxic to animals such as fish, birds, wildlife and pets. Volume purchase is limited to trained and approved professionals.

Supplied to municipalities in Colorado by
Van Diest Supply Company
3005 Grandview Ave. Canyon City, CO 81212
719-429-1750 or 1-800-223-0988


Licensed commercial mosquito control contractors:

Colorado Mosquito Control
Greystone Environmental Consultants
High Plains Pest Control
Swingle Tree & Landscape

This listing is provided as a public service and is not an endorsement of any company. There may be others in your region. Please click the statewide listing link below or check your yellow pages under mosquito or pest control.

Information Links:
• Statewide listing of commercial pesticide applicators licensed in Colorado
• Pesticides and Honey Bees
• Naled Insecticide Factsheet

• West Nile Information Pages (Colo.)

• American Mosquito Control Assn.
• CSU Extension Service
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
• DEET Information (EPA)
• Mosquito Larvicide Information (EPA)
• National Pesticide Info. Center (NPIC)
• CDC Health Topic Listings A to Z
• US Fish and Wildlife Service

For more information call the toll-free
Colorado West Nile Virus HelpLine

1- 877- 462-2911
Open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

CDC West Nile Virus InfoLines
English: 1-888-246-2675
Español: 1-888-246-2857
Hearing-impaired TDD: 1-866-874-2646

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